Former 1017 Affiliate Mojo Threatens To Expose Gucci Mane, “I Got The 31 Minute Footage” (Video)

It seems to be a feud brewing between Gucci Mane and former 1017 affiliate and Sign Yo Self Records CEO, Mojo aka Mojo With The Crack Pot. Earlier today Mojo took to Instagram with a video tagging Gucci Mane and stating, “I got something I need to address I need yall to go back and tell this nigga this one motherfuckin thing for me. I been knowing you a bitch, you been playing bitch ass games but you ain’t never played them with me.” He continued by saying, “I been knowing you 14 years homie, you keep forgetting? I was around you 14 years nigga I know all the gay ass shit you done did. You remember I was right there for that Jeezy shit too now. Yeah, I’ll make ya pussy ass tell the truth about everything nigga!” Mojo would conclude that he had 31 minutes of footage of Gucci Mane threatening to expose that 1017 CEO, though, he didn’t state exactly what the footage was of. Watch the video above. 


  • Ryuk’s Last Apple

    damn i forgot the song but yea old gucci rapping about fuckin niggas with a broom stick


    Lol…these nigas gone cry..when they find out they favorite rapper…a dick sucker…let him burrrrrr on yall nut sacks….lol