Former Death Row Affiliate Confirms Tupac Was A Mob Piru Blood

Former Death Row affiliate and Piru gang member, Mob James, has become a regular on DJ Vlad’s VladTV platform. During his sit downs with Vlad – James often depicts unhinged behind the scene details of Death Row days.

In a newly released clip on VladTV James confirmed what some fans have suspected over the years; that Tupac Shakur was a Mob Piru affiliate. James would point out another Death Row affiliate, Travon Lane, allegedly put Tupac onto the Mob Piru set. Tupac would in turn get his infamous MOB tattoo which he state stood for, “Money Over B*tches”.

James would express his detest for the rapper representing his former neighborhood stating, “He (Tupac) can’t be from the MOB. Travon only knew this guy for 10 months. From him getting out of prison and coming to Death Row it was no longer than 10 months, 11 months. Ain’t no way in the world you can be certified in that time to come to the hood and say I’m from the MOB.”

Check out the entire interview below: