Former Pablo Juan Affiliate, Lil Dude, Mocks Hoodrich Pablo Juan After Robbery Reports Surface

Reports have surfaced on Wednesday that 1017 Records affiliate, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, was robbed in Atlanta not once but twice. Many of course are responding in disappointment due to the rapper’s ‘gangsta rap’ persona. Though, many are also mocking the rapper after the recent alleged incident occurred. One of the many mocking Pablo Juan would be a former affiliate, DMV rapper, Lil Dude aka Lil Dude Luciano.

Pablo Juan and Lil Dude collaborated on tracks such as Hoodrich DCOnly OptionTake Down, and much more. Despite the once close bond the two would part ways after the first robbery incident took place with Pablo Juan and Rich Shootas. If you follow the DMV music scene you would know that Lil Dude isn’t quite fond of Rich Shootas, many would even consider them rivals.

Lil Dude has now decided to take shots at Pablo Juan mocking him after his most recent robbery allegations. Lil Dude would take to Twitter and tweet out, “How you gone rob me nigga I rob,” followed by laughing emojis. The line comes from Hoodrich Pablo Juan’s Don’t Do That single which lived on his Designer Drugz 3 project.

Lil Dude would continue his tweets by simply stating, “All dat rap cap.” If you were looking forward to a Lil Dude and Pablo Juan reunion it looks like you can count that out for now. Check out the tweets below: