Former Ruff Ryder Drag-On Releases “It’s Game Time” (The Game Diss Track) (Video)

During The Game’s 92 Bars diss track towards Meek Mill, The Game name dropped a total of 44 people. One person who was name dropped in the track is not particularly happy about how his name was used, this person is former Ruff Ryder artist, Drag-On. The Game had a line that stated, “I’m the old DMX, you niggas Drag-On” that the New York artist didn’t exactly take a liking to. Now Drag-On has returned with a response titled It’s Game Time over The Game’s Higher instrumental from The Documentary. Seem like everybody is lining up to play “the game”.


  • Slaughter Gang

    he humilliated game

  • Rizzo RapZ

    The game ain’t dope enough to make diss tracks….especially when he say ” make you kneel like kaepernick”……like it wasn’t obvious someone wasn’t gonna use that line, I just figured it would be jay z or someone XDXD

  • Harvey Stevens

    Oh Shiiiiiiiiiiiit !!!!!!!!!

  • Loony T

    This just as pointless as his career.

    • Neezy

      Nigga, sitchodumbassdown somewhere.

    • Qualial

      EVERYTHING is pointless to a dickrider, except for the d-,k he’s riding on.
      That brotha dropped straight heat, you battyboi.

  • disqus_Wz58Qq14ii

    Why did he do this? What did the game same? I am confused….

    • Neezy

      Did you even read the fucking article?

  • SecretFarmer

    Call the fucking coroner!!!

  • aj2345

    That was decent. Too bad dude ain’t relevant enough to get a response though.