Foxy Brown Send Threats Towards Remy Ma: “I Don’t Battle, I Body Bag”

Seems like hip-hop is in a all out cat fight at the moment. With Nicki Minaj sending shots at Remy Ma and Remy Ma sending shots at Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim throwing shots at Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma throwing shots at Foxy Brown, it is getting crazy. Now Foxy Brown has issued a statement to Remy Ma in response of her bars aimed at Brooklyn rapper on ShETHER.

Remy Ma would rap on the recently released diss track, “Talking sh*t about me to a deaf b*tch- And usually I have sympathy for the impaired. But not when you hard of hearing from untreated gonorrhea.” The line was referring to Foxy Brown temporarily losing her hearing, the rumor was that it was from Jay Z giving her gonorrhea, though we can’t neither confirm or deny these claims.

Now in response to a Instagram fan Foxy Brown issued a response on her page stating, “I don’t battle rap I body bag.” Yikes, check out the post below: