Freddie Gibbs Was Arrested After A Woman Dreamed She Was Sexually Assulated (Video)

Gary, Indiana born artist Freddie Gibbs was found not guilty of charges back in September 2016 of a Austria woman who claimed the rapper sexually assaulted her. In 2015 Gibbs was extradited from France to go to prison for the charges.

The rapper appeared on The Breakfast Club recently where he would speak on clearing up his name of the sexual assault charges. Gibb stated, “It was a situation the homies was dealing with some females at a show. They took it back to the room and whatever transpired I don’t know because I was in my room but something happened that made her want to go to the authorities.” He would continue by stating, “When the initial charge came down I wasn’t being charged, I wasn’t even in the whole thing. A whole year later when I went back there the girl went to the authorities and she got with some rape activist lawyer and she said that ‘I had a dream that Freddie Gibbs sexually assaulted me’ and in Europe you’re guilty until proven innocent.”

Check out Freddie Gibbs entire interview on The Breakfast Club below: