Full Timeline Of Soulja Boy & Lil Yachty Beef (Love Triangle, Guns Pulled, Diss Tracks, Etc.)


It’s a lot of shit been going on within the past 24 hours so for the readers we’re going to try to keep this as short as possible. Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock since yesterday I’m sure you are aware of the unexpected beef that started between Soulja Boy & Atlanta new comer Lil Boat aka Lil Yachty. The problems all started when Lil Yachty texted Soulja Boy about India Love (after Soulja Boy posted several pictures of him & the model getting very close), who Yachty before stated on The Breakfast Club he has a big crush on. Soulja Boy would then take to Instagram to screenshot the text from Yachty which included a reply from Soulja that stated, “U want beef nigga?” See the pics below:


Soulja Boy continued to escalate the beef screenshotting old text of Lil Yachty & calling him a groupie. He would go even further screenshotting model India Love saying she never met even Lil Yachty and stating, “I’m confused now he hit me beefing about a bitch saying she his but she say she never met him what the fuck? Was he just playing?” He would also post more screenshots and talk more shit via Instagram video, see the post below:


Lil Yachty would respond with a few tweets warning Soulja Boy “fuckin wit da boat you gone sink.”
Atlanta producer Southside aka Sizzle would intervene in the beef taking up for Lil Yachty stating on Twitter (in a now deleted tweet), “@souljaboy boi u Betta let dat shit rock we really rockin wit dis Atlanta shit yachty a Youngn n he doin his thang any issues wanted.” This would lead to a lot of back & forward aggressive macho tweets (that are mostly now deleted) between both Soulja Boy & Sizzle. The two would also post videos going at each others necks, the tweets may be deleted but the videos live forever, watch them below:

Lil Yachty who earlier stated “it’s no beef,” would start go at Soulja tonight at a show in Texas. The Atlanta rapper wore a t-shirt with writing on it that said, “Pray 4 Soulja,” on the front & “R.I.P. 2007 to 2016,” on the back. The rapper would also encourage the crowd to engage in a “Fuck Soulja Boy” chant and spit a quick freestyle diss track, check it out below:

In most recent news in all this melee, Sizzle posted a screenshot of Soulja Boy allegedly copping deuces and trying to call a truce between the two of them. He would tweet out the picture (in a now deleted tweet, these rappers delete a lot of their tweets) with a caption that stated, “Ima let this rock niggas ain’t a thousand my nigga I sent u my number and all dat n no body put a check on u i kan handle my self my nigga.”
Souja would respond stating, “My twitter and iCloud was hacked. Just changed all my passwords.” He would follow this up with one last tweet (that is of coarse now deleted) that stated, “Lil Yachty still a bitch tho.”