Fur Protesters Attempted To Attack Gucci Mane At Book Signing (Video)

Gucci Mane has reached new heights this year in his career recording with pop artist, featuring in motion picture cinemas, & releasing platinum singles. He also recently released his autobiography in which he appeared at a Barnes & Noble in New York on Tuesday for a book signing.

Being that Gucci Mane’s career is currently at peaks its never been, the Atlanta rapper apparently has new eyes watching his every move. Guwop would be approached at his book signing by an unknown man who would question Gucci’s vegan lifestyle. The protester would proceed to pull out banners and yell that Gucci can’t be vegan if he keeps wearing furs.

According to TMZ the protesters were with the New York Animal Defenders. They were quickly removed from Barnes & Noble after the chaos would occur. Check out the video clip below: