Future Admits He Was Afraid To Tell Fans He Quit Sippin Lean

Future is currently on a promotional run in preparation to release his forthcoming album The WZRD. With promotional runs, come interviews, and with interviews come new information.

Future sat down with Rob Markman on Genius‘ For The Record to discuss various things from his verse on Jay Rock’s King’s Dead to creating hit records in less than 5 minutes. Though, one thing that stuck out was Future admitting that he quit sippin the codeine syrup concocted drink ‘Lean’.

Future would state, “I didn’t want to tell nobody I stopped drinking lean. I didn’t want to tell them because I felt like then they was going to be like ‘oh, his music changed because he ain’t drinking lean no more.’ Or, ‘I can hear it when he changing.’ And people be like ‘Damn, why don’t you even say it?’ But it’s hard when your fans are used to you being a certain type of way.”

Check out the interview below:

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