The Game “1992” Album Stream & Review


Releasing music has been accelerated these days due to social media and the internet. New music is heard by millions of people, but millions of people’s music is never heard. That may be due to the saturation of the game. With dumbed down lyrics and production software at your fingertips, anyone can put 8-13 songs together, slap a title on it, and call it an album. Not too often do we get to hear an extremely well thought out album with a central theme, like a movie. Without saying nobody makes good music, the classic albums are becoming few and far between. It just seems like everyone is doing what is hot NOW. The Game decided to use the influence of the past to make his newest album a west coast classic.

The Game just released his eighth studio album titled 1992. This specific year in the 90’s was a turning point in the (then) 12 year olds life. The Game’s lyrics describe his life growing up in Compton, surviving the LA Riots, listening to the OJ Murder Trial, and watching the ’92 NBA Finals. Without having any credited features other than Jeremih, The Game still did receive a little help from two long time friends. One being Nas, who helped coach him with his storytelling lyrics. The other friend was legendary producer Scott Storch. He describes the album as “having the approach of Golden Age Hip Hop in a way younger audiences can relate to and enjoy it.”

The album is Executive Produced by Nigerian producer and long time collaborator Bongo. Scott Storch and Cool and Dre also have tracks produced by them as well. Storch produced the first single that was released this summer titled All Eyez featuring Jeremih.

Scott Storch really hit the nail on the head with his description of this album. It’s a new modern spin on classic west coast gangsta rap and Game executes better than anyone. His bars are always on point but fans will get to hear the bars in a new light. This album is much more lyrical and not for the club. “Real Hip Hop” as some would say. Young Ni**a is a serious cut from the album that talks about growing up and seeing friends represent rival gangs with their colors. The Soundtrack is a song that pays homage to legendary west coast producer Dr. Dre. The female vocals sings out “The Soundtrack to the ghetto was The Chronic.” Game also shouts out Uncle Snoop on the track as well.

So many great tracks on the album that work together so cohesively. This is one of those albums that you have to listen from start to finish. You can’t just bounce around from track to track. The Game may be up to some antics here and there, but the music definitely speaks at higher volumes. Be sure to purchase The Game’s 1992 on iTunes today & stream the album below.

-Written By Buzz B-