The Game & 50 Cent Squash Their Long Lasting Beef At Strip Club (Video)

TheGame50Earlier this year rumors started to surface that 50 Cent & The Game had planned on reuniting after an affiliate of Game has stated that “the duo would be joining forces again”. These rumors were quickly shut down by The Game, though he would state, “he’s doing his thing man, I’m doing my thang, Banks, Buck, Yayo, they all doing their thang. Everybody just doing their thang man.”

Although, yesterday the two were both at Ace of Diamonds strip club in L.A. when Game took to the mic to announce that the beef was officially over and state, “I f*ck with 50, what happened that shit was twelve years ago, n*ggas ain’t on that sh*t… Ain’t nobody on that old sh*t.”

Think it’s possible that we might hear some new 50 Cent & Game collaborations in the near future? Check out the clips below: