The Game’s Brother Big Fase 100 Has A Warning For Meek Mill, “I Go To War For Mines!”


This Game & Meek Mill beef has brought out big homies, lil homies, OGs, cousins, etc. from both parties. Now The Game’s big brother Big Fase 100 has something to say about the situation.

The Game & Big Fase 100 have had their fallouts through out the years but as of late they have been on good terms and big brother is backing his little brother in this beef. Big Fase appeared for a interview on Siccness Radio where he would talk about the situation stating, “I didn’t know what it was about, it kind of came out of left field to me because I didn’t know the situation. But once I spoke to him (The Game) and he explained the situation and all that I kind of understood it a little bit more. Initially I thought okay it’s album time this nigga on but when he told me that before he left the tour he got questioned about some shit he didn’t have nothing to do with I understood the significance of why right now.”

Big Fase would be asked what he thought about Meek Mill’s diss towards his brother in which he would respond, “Why the group response? And what the fuck are you talking about? It wasn’t hard, it wasn’t nothing I never heard before.” He would continue by saying The Game is one of the best when it comes to diss tracks and if you make a top 20 disses of all time list, Game could possibly have 4 on the top 20 list.

Fase would conclude the interview giving Meek Mill & The Dream Chasers a warning. “Keep it on wax man I’m entertained feel me. You harm a hair on my peoples head you gone have to see us. That’s all it is to it, we go to war. I go to war for mines.”

Listen the audio of what Big Fase 100 had to say below: