Glokknine Doesn’t Want To Date A Black Woman, Doesn’t Want A ‘Black Ass Baby’

Up and coming Florida rapper Glokknine recently sat down with Vlad TV for an exclusive interview. A recent clip released from the interview would leave jaws on the floor after the rapper stated he doesn’t mess with black women because he doesn’t want a ‘black ass baby’.

The interview would start with DJ Vlad pointing out a popular line from the rapper’s track 10 Percent, “She know I’m kinda ugly it’s like beauty and the beast.” Glokknine would respond to the line while laughing stating, “I know I’m ugly. I still get hoes.”

DJ Vlad would go on to reminisce on Kodak Black’s similar sentiments. where the rapper would state, “Where them yellow bones – I don’t want no black bitch – I’m already black don’t need no black bitch.” Glokknine would agree repeating the line and stating, “If I’m f*cking with you I’m black as f*ck. So if I f*ck with a black b*tch we gonna have a black ass baby.” Glokknine would go on to reveal that he gets his skin color from his father and he wouldn’t want the same complexion for his child.

Check out the clip below: