God’s Son Has Spoken: A Druken Nas Says “Everybody That Raps Is P*ssy!” (Video)

It was Wednesday (September 13th) night when Nas celebrated his 44th birthday party with close friends including Swizz Beatz and rumored girlfriend Nicki Minaj.

The night would be filled with music and obviously plenty of liquor with God’s son posting pictures to Instagram posing with his own personal bottle of ‘Henny’. Towards the end of the night a drunken Nas would try to kiss and lick down Young Money‘s first lady Nicki Minaj. Via Instagram Live Nas would also call out all his rap conglomerates stating, “Bitch ass n*ggas! Every nigga in Hip-Hop is p*ssy! Every n*gga that rap is p*ssy”

Nas’ brother Jungle would chime in and instigate egging the Queens rapper on while Nicki Minaj laughed in the background attempting to turn off the live feed. Check out the entertaining clip below: