Goons Approach Tekashi 69 After Minnesota Show, Shots Fired After Quick Scuffle

Tekashi 69 has stated before that he wants people who thinks that his persona is fake to ‘test his gangsta’ when they see him. Well, the Brooklyn Gummo rapper got just that after a Minnesota show on Friday (February 2nd).

A video surfaced showing a group of men approaching the rapper as he backed up, put his hands up, and got into a ‘fighting stance’. A quick skirmish would occur after Tekashi’s crew intervened and shortly afterwards ‘the blicky’ would go off. The camera man of the footage would hide behind a parked vehicle as you could hear various shots go off on the video.

The rapper would take to the internet to post a video responding the situation saying, “Yo Tekashi why they so mad at you? Because you’re never gonna get touched,” while spinning his custom made $150,000 chain. Check out the clip below:


  • Rocknation

    Did Tekashi perform at the show? Could it have been about money?