‘Goons Of The Industry’ (Ep. 8) Depicts The Murder Of Big L & Inner Workings Of The 139th St. NFL Crew

It has been quite some time since we received a new episode of our favorite YouTube series – Goons Of The Industry. Though, now Info Minds has returned with their latest episode, delivering episode 8 on The 139th St. NFL Crew. The crew was based out of West Harlem and stood for Niggaz For Life, symbolizing loyalty among its members. The creators of the crew were Harlem hustlers – Reg, Lee, & TC; who were highly respected in their area. One of the crew’s forefathers, Lee, was the older brother of legendary fallen rapper Big L. Big L’s popular track Danger Zone was actually about the area where The 139th St. NFL Crew resided. In this episode the inner workings of the crew are depicted in full detail including shoot outs, murders, robberies, & more. The clip also gives background to a in house beef which lead to the murder of rap star Big L.