Goons Of The Industry: Meet The Mob Pirus Of Death Row Records (Warning: Graphic Stories)

Back in March we reported on the Youtube series by the name of Goons Of The Industry presented by Info Minds which goes in depth of the backgrounds of gangsters such as P. Diddy’s bodyguard Wulf, Suge Knight & The Mob Pirus, King Tut, & E Money Bags. With All Eyez On Me being the talk of the town we’d like to look back at the story of Suge Knight’s Mob Piru goons such as Big Buntry, Neckbone, Monkey Man, Heron, & a few others. It has always been rumored that Tupac was affiliated with the Compton Piru set but there has never been at confirmation if Pac was a blood. Check out the video clip below provided by Info Minds on Suge Knight & his Mob Piru goons: