Gucci Mane Encourages Young People To Get Out & Vote


Being that Gucci Mane is currently on parole he doesn’t have the right to vote though, he is speaking out.

Guwop recently took to the campus of Florida Memorial University to speak to young students about doing their part come election day.

“Young people have an opportunity to make a big impact tomorrow,” Gucci said. “And not just any young people – the young people in this room, young people of color, young people who come from neighborhoods surrounding this college.”

He continued by stating, “Vote because this is about ya’ll future and y’all our future – We need to make a vote to stop all the police brutality. We need to make a vote to stop this mass incarceration.”

Gucci then addressed his inability to vote. “I wish that I had my right to vote,” he said. “I feel like after you serve your time, don’t punish me for the rest of my life for something I already served my time for.”

Watch the clip below: