Gucci Mane Stars In Supreme Clothing Commercial

The Superstar from Atlanta, AKA the Trap GOD, whose very stage name is an ode to fashion, stars in a new Supreme advertisement, taking viewers into his spacious home, where he’s playing the piano and previewing new music.

“I shop off the Internet. I don’t go to the store,” he says in the minute long spot. “You motherfuckas think I go to the store? I just hit the button and the shit just come to the house.” The clip is directed by Harmony Korine, who casted Gucci as a gangster in his 2013 film Spring Breakers. In October of last year, a since deleted photo was posted to Instagram of Korine visiting Gucci in prison, showing that the two maintained a friendship after production had wrapped. Above, Korine puts Gucci at the center of his frame again, recording more of a home movie or behind-the-scenes documentary than anything overtly advertorial or narrative. Gucci is, of course, sporting the brand’s box logo tee throughout.