Gucci Responds To Clone Accusations: “I’m Hearing That Gucci Is A Clone….”

GuccimaneWe reported yesterday that something was going on with Gucci’s ice cream cone tattoo. People noticed in some pictures the ice cream cone was visible but in others in seemed to be faded or non existent. Fans have also been concerned about attributes of Gucci’s new appearance and behavior. Known for having a huge stomach Gucci’s new body type is slim and trim after his release from jail. The Trap God’s gritty and street image is also known to demand respect & put fear in the hearts of many, though as of late Gucci could be seen on Snapchat enjoying Game Of Thrones, taking bubble baths, requesting fruit salad and water for dinner, & talking in a uppity tone of voice.

Follower’s of the Atlanta trap legend have left comments under his Instagram stating, “Where’s the real Gucci,” “This n*gga a clone”, “Gucci don’t eat no damn fruit salad,” “Where yo ice cream tattoo at?” People have even went as far as to say that the government is behind some type of scheme where they killed off the original Gucci Mane (for whatever reason) & replaced him with the “clone” we are seeing today (sounds crazy as f*ck, yes we know).

Gucci took to Snapchat to address these claims jokingly saying, “I’m hearing Gucci is a clone – I will neither support nor deny those accusations.”

This situation reminds of that episode of SpongeBob where SpongeBob thought Mr. Krabz was a clone after watching too many scary movies. Maybe we’ll see a face of between the real Gucci & this “clone” Gucci:

Clone? What clone?

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