Hackers Leaked DM’s Exposing $10,000 Hit On Chicago Rapper G Herbo

Due to poverty and gang violence that occurs on the regular basis Chicago, Illinois is a dangerous place for up and coming rap artist. Recently DM’s were leaked by hackers that showed that one of Chicago’s current stars escaped the belly of the beast by a hair, this artist would be G Herbo.

Hackers leaked 2014 DM’s exchanged between a Chicago savage and a female savage known as Gakirah Barnes aka K.I. aka Lil Snoop. The two would discuss a $10,000 hit with the man stating, “My n*gaa assassin I need u to kill this f*ck n*gga by Sunday school boy Herb not with it.” Barnes would ask the man when he was delivering the money and state, “Ok kool hit me up I don’t f*ck around kno u heard bout them twins. 10k for Lil Herb 5 up front.”

This conversation would occur not too long before the release of G Herbo’s Welcome To Fazoland project released February of 2014. Gakirah Barnes was murdered April 11th, 2014. She would be pronounced dead after suffering gun shot wounds to the chest, jaw, & neck.

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