If You Haven’t Seen Russy Aka Russell Simmons, Jr. Lately You May Not Recognize Him

If you’re familiar with the MTV original series Run’s House that aired from 2005 until July of 2009 then you watched Rev Run’s youngest son Russell Simmons, Jr. grow up right before your very eyes.

The last time we actually seen Simmons before he went MIA would be July of 2018 on Instagram. Now new pictures of Russy have surfaced with a group of friends on the first day of 2019. The young son of the iconic New York MC would appear looking more ‘mature’ than ever leaving social media users scratching their heads and questing if it was actually him.

We can confirm the new picture is indeed Russell Simmons, Jr. who’s been working on getting his real estate license. Looks like he decided to go another route, away from the celebrity limelight. Check out the post below: