Hip-Hop Police Derrick Parker Believes Chinx Drugz Murder Was A Set Up

Queens rapper and Coke Boyz affiliate, Chinx aka Chinx Drugz, was murdered on the morning of May of 2015 around 4 a.m. when he was driving through Jamaica Queens after performing in Brooklyn. Antar “Yemen Cheese” Alziadi, a friend of Chinx, was a passenger at the time of the shooting, he was also hit with 9mm bullets but would survive the shooting. Many would pay their respects to the Coke Boyz rapper including Jay-Z, Lil Durk, Mac Miller, Meek Mill, & of course close friend and rap counterpart, French Montana.

Like many other victims in the Hip-Hop community, the murder of the 31-year-old rapper still remains unsolved as of today. Hip-Hop Police, Derrick Parker, recently sat down with Vlad TV and would discuss Chinx’ murder, which he suggest was set up.

Vlad would ask about the murder case and Parker would state, “People didn’t come forward and say ‘look this what happen’, I believe Chinx got set up.” Parker would continue saying, “To where he was shot at and the people that was with him in the car, somebody was waiting for him and they followed him, saw where he was going, and they got him.” Parker would conclude that he believes Chinx death was an assassination and it may take some time to be solved, if solved. Check out the clip below: