Holy F*ck: Swizz Beatz Debuted A New Track Featuring DMX, Nas, Jay Z, & Jadakiss

Yesterday, Swizz Beatz & Just Blaze partook in a nearly 3 hour beat battle showcasing their best drums hits back and forward in a titan like showcase. Hot 97 hosted the event which was broadcasted on Instagram Live and the fans were in for a treat. Many artist would show up to the event including Busta Rhymes, Alicia Keys, Cassidy, Rob Markman, B. Dot, and others. Though, the talk of the town is the DMX track Swizz Beatz debuted featuring Jay Z, Nas, & Jadakiss. It’s not said if the track is a old unreleased track or if the track will live on DMX’s forthcoming album; either way it is sounding godly. Watch the clip of the debuted track and the entire beat battle below: