Holy Sh*t: Baltimore Ravens Tight End Darren Waller Premieres “Ape” Single

Back in early May, DatWAV announced that Darren Waller, tight end for the Baltimore Ravens, would be releasing his debut mixtape. The project is titled Better Call Wall which will feature FriendZ as the Executive Producer & 3rdy Baby as the mixtape host. Today, D Wall released his first single titled Ape. When you hear that an athlete is a rapper, most of the time you don’t know what to expect. D Wall certainly didn’t disappoint with his first single release. You can’t name your record Ape and not have it be a banger.

The song is produced by Fowler, member of the producer group FriendZ. The track starts out with a grimey loop that is drumless. D Wall yells “Don’t Make Me Go And Get Them Apes” as the beat drops perfectly at the final word. Atlanta rapper Reddo was featured on this song and opened up with the first verse. D Wall has the second verse and really surprises with his talent. He can stay in the pocket *no pun intended* and has a very distinguished voice. The bars were on point from both rappers but D Wall brought the song together with the hook.

Darren Waller was just suspended again for violating the NFL Substance Abuse Policy… again. The first time was for marijuana and he was open about his mistake. This time around it is unknown what the substance(s) was. Since he will get a minimum suspension of one year, the silver lining is he will have plenty of time to perfect his project this season. This may be a blessing in disguise. Follow DatWAV for more exclusive D Wall music to drop.

-Written By Buzz B-