Holy Sh*t: Waka Flocka Teases Zaytoven-Produced ‘Bloggers’ Single

Waka Flocka alerted fans a month ago they could 86 the thought of a Ferrari Boyz 2 mixtape coming. Although, he would reveal that he’d be releasing Flockaveli 2 soon under his 36 Brick House imprint. Today Flocka took to Instagram to give fans a sneak peek of what’s to come with a Zaytoven-produced single titled Bloggers.

The track is vintage Waka and has the energy of a hay day Flocka Flame tune. On his first Zaytoven-produced track Waka raps, “I’m in yo b*tch like a robber/ You talking sh*t like a blogger / We in the bricks with them llamas / Keep talking sh*t we gone rob ya. /” The track will also feature the big boss of Duct Tape Entertainment, Big Bank Black. This will definitely be something we’ll keep our eye peeled for.

Check out the clip below: