Illuminati Much: People Are Starting To Think Kanye West Isn’t Exactly Kanye West

It’s not out of the ordinary that hip-hop fans and people in tune with pop culture in general come up with wild & unethical conspiracy theories. It was June of 2016 when Gucci Mane clone conspiracy theories got so out of control that the CIA had to step in and make a statement about the matter. Now it seems that Chicago artist Kanye West is the latest victim of bizarre internet conspiracy theories.

A Twitter user would post a picture of Kanye West with Kim Kardashian & North West with the caption, “Am I bugging or does Kanye not look like Kanye.” The tweet would go on to get over 21,000 retweets and over 47,000 likes. The tweet would also get replies from Twitter users who would agree that Yeezy didn’t appear to be himself. Some would even point out that he looked significantly taller, soulless, and zombie like.

Towards the end of November in 2016 West was hospitalized. It was said that the rapper was restrained, taken to the hospital against his will, and hospitalized for his own safety. He would be released after a week stay at the UCLA Medical Center & being treated for exhaustion. Perhaps West’s quick stay at the medical center is where the conspiracy theories stem from. What do you think? Crazy conspiracy theory or is it some possible truth behind this?