When Instagram Cappin Goes Wrong: Dave East Calls Out Man Frontin Like They Kick It

We all know those people who meet a celebrity in public and will take to Instagram to post a caption like, “Shout out to (insert name here) we working!” Sometimes all that faking can come back to bite you in the ass, a man found that out today while on Instagram. A chick by the Instagram name @_bossmania would post a picture of the Harlem rapper with the caption, “Man listen.” This post would lead to a conversation between her and a Instagram follower who would state, “I was chilling with that nigga in Queens yesterday that nigga funny.” Dave East would catch the Instagram capping like a Julio Jones in the 4th quarter in which he would state, “Why lie homie I never met you a day in my life. You really just created a whole life, location, and all lol niggas is sad. Just bag shorty you ain’t gotta say you was with me cuz.” Check out the hilarious post below: