J.Lo and Cardi B give DJ Khaled “Another One” with new song ‘Dinero’

Make that “another one” for DJ Khaled with his latest release featuring a collaboration with the Latin ladies of the Bronx, J.Lo & Cardi B. Dinero is full of Spanish flavor from the beat to the lyrics where J.Lo chants “yo quiero dinero” on the hook and Cardi refers to a couple Hispanic dances in her verse. J.Lo and Cardi B on a track together is a good look for New York right now as the boroughs are climbing back into the hip-hop limelight. It only made sense for the “two bad bitches” to link up and get the hottest producer in the game to assist them with the spicy banger. The video for Dinero has been shot so be on the lookout for that luxurious visual coming soon, check out the track below in the meantime: