Jay-Z’s Old Associate Shares Story Of A Neighborhood Robbery Involving The Rapper

Jay-Z’s former friend and associate, Dehaven, has spoken on his drug dealer past along side the Grammy award winning rapper in the past via Instagram but his most recent post detailed a robbery in 1990.

On the weekend night Dehaven describes being in the projects of Marcy when he was visited by a friend who told him ‘they just robbed Jay.’ He would continue to tell the story saying, “I throw on some clothes and run downstairs, and I see Ski, Chase, Jay, Jaz-O all just standing looking puzzled about what just happened.”

According to Dehaven he would get a lead that the robbers were from Sumner Projects. The group would in turn head to the neighborhood to confront the men that had committed the act. “So as we almost got through Tompkins walking over to Sumner, we quickly found ourselves surrounded  by a mob of n*ggas about six or so, but I recognized a few faces. I started to approach them and the next thing I know, all guns was pointed at me.”

The men would warn Dehaven to not take another step & tell Jay-Z and the others to turn around and walk away, in which they did. Dehaven who knew a few of the guys would escape the situation unharmed but he wasn’t able to get the jewelry back. “Someone from Marcy rob someone from Sumner, so its one of the situations you just let it go,” Dehaven would explain.

Check out the post below:

TBT !! The summer of 1990 was a ordinary weekend night , I'm in the crib in Marcy wit the fam . I get a knock at the door, and I can't remember who it was but the message was they just rob jay . Huh ! What ! I'm coming down !! I throw on some clothes and run downstairs and i see ski , chase , jay , Jaz-o all just standing looking puzzled about what just happen. So I walk over to them to hear about who had the balls to just come up in the PJ's and rob my dude , so as they explaining , the only thing I hear is Sumner projects. Who ? What ! Sumner , let's go, as we was walking over there I was thinking okay this would be easy, I know those dudes, and if I didn’t, I could find out. They didn't know Jay was my guy. So as we almost got through Tomkin's walking over to Sumner ,we quickly found ourselves surrounded by a mob a of niggas about six or so , but I recognize a few faces . I immediately spoke up , Yo Black this DeHaven PS 59 you know who I am !! Yo !!! P this me DeHaven, Robby from 995 god brother ! I started to approach them and next thing I know , all guns was pointed to me . They told me not to take another step and keep my hands out. They told jay and them to turn around and walk, and that’s what they did, without a hesitation. It was nothing they could have done anyways , I played this situation real light . The whole time I'm fucked up in the head because I know a few of them , i went to school with these dudes . I had really rocked with the main dude in charge , I played ball with him plenty of summers. I wasn’t feeling scared like they was going to kill me but I also knew if it was anyone else, it would have been a homicide because these niggas was trigger happy . Long story short , black spoke up for me and told me the situation. I didn't get that jewelry back , but I learned a valuable lesson about assuming shit is sweet in all situations. Turns out someone from Marcy rob someone from sumner ,so its one of the situations you just let it go . Because it could have been a lot worse . I could have came with a different set dudes with a different set egos, and lots of guns,’and turning around wasn’t a option.

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