Jeezy Talks About How He Lost 60 Pounds Changing His Diet And Distance Running

It’s 2018 and Atlanta rapper, Jeezy, is looking young and fit as ever. In a new interview with GQ the OG Corporate Thug sat down to talk about his 10K distance run he participated in along side Atlanta mayor Keisha Bottoms. Jeezy also broke down how he lost 60 pounds with a change of diet and exercise.

When asking about losing weight Jeezy would respond, “You have to be careful what you put into your body, and how you use it and take care of it. It wasn’t about losing a certain amount of weight. It was just about getting myself together, and weight was a big piece of that.”

Jeezy explained that his main focuses were eating right, resting right, and understanding what he was eating. The Trap Or Die rapper cut out beef, pork, chicken, fried foods, & carbs out of his daily food intake. He would also fall in love with running – on the track, road, or treadmill. Be sure to head over to GQ to read Jeezy’s full interview about his recent 10K run and dieting.

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