Jeezy Thinks If Donald Trump Was A Rapper He Would Be Tupac (Video)


 Jeezy recently appeared on Tax Stone’s Tax Season Podcast where he talked about multiple things including meeting Big Meech, transitioning from the dope game to the rap game, & more. Jeezy also opened up about what he thought about controversial running candidate Donald Trump, comparing him to the late great Donald Trump.

Jeezy stated he “can’t help but laugh,” at the election. The Atlanta rapper would continue by saying, “You look at the election now and see all the bullshit that’s going on now, you can’t help but laugh. You got Donald Trump in there. And I tell niggas, man. That nigga is cold, man. If he was a rapper right now, he’d be Tupac. I’m not gonna knock the man and say he’s not a good businessman. We all understand that, but he’s not fuckin’ presidential material. He doesn’t have and practice the same morals that people have when they in those positions of power.”

Watch the clip below & be sure to check out Jeezy’s entire appearance on Tax Season: