Jerrika Karlae Reveals That Young Thug Isn’t As Into Drugs As He Portrays

Young Thug’s fiance, Jerrika Karlae, appeared on Adam22’s No Jumper for a hour sit down to speak on being Young Thug’s lady, signing to 300 Entertainment, and much more.

It is know that Young Thug is possibly the biggest troll in Hip-Hop. Sometimes it’s very hard to distinguish when the rapper is being serious or just pulling your leg. According to Jerrika the rapper also pulls the legs of fans when it comes to his drug usage.

“Honestly though, when people think Thug is fucked up, Thug will be pretending,” she said. “And I’m really doing a favor of letting that out. Man, Slime is smart. That n*gga not dumb. Thug will throw bait out there just to see who gon’ catch onto it.”

Karlae’s sharing of secrets about Thug came at the same time that another rapper is talking out of school about her. As part of his beef with Thug, YFN Lucci claimed that he slept with Karlae in a recent interview.

“I was in the bed with her a couple times,” Lucci said in an interview with V-103 in Atlanta.

Karlae has denied that she ever slept with Lucci and said that the rapper has harassed her with similar lies for years. She said the lies are part of a strategy to get back at Thug because he can’t win a feud with the rapper on wax.

Check out the entire interview below: