Jim Jones’ Blac Youngsta Impression Is Hilariously Spot On (Video)

Jim Jones is currently enjoying being the latest signee to Roc Nation. With singles like Gigabyte & Bando catching fire in the streets, the Vampire Life CEO is prepping to release his forthcoming project Vampire Life 4.

Though, in between time just like anybody else Jim Jones enjoys being on social media. Capo would take to Instagram Live to talk to his fans on a early morning. He would proceed to do a hilarious impression of Memphis rapper Blac Youngsta. “I get on my Blac Youngsta b*tch. I’m getting money h*e. F*ck you, ya mammy, f*ck ya mammy cousins, f*ck ya whole family b*tch. I been getting money h*e,” Jones would state while stuttering like Youngsta. Jim would laugh at himself and state, “That’s my Blac Youngsta right there I love that n*gga boy that n*gga be going ham on them h*es.” Watch the hilarious clip below: