Joe Budden Breaks Down Disputes With Complex In 40 Minute Dialogue

This week the internet was sent into a frenzy when, Joe Budden, the cohost of arguably one of the biggest internet web shows, Everyday Struggle, announced his departure from the Hip-Hop show.

Budden’s dismissal from Everday Struggle would be followed by many fans of the show reacting by unsubscribing from Complex‘s YouTube page and bashing the publication’s decision to let go the antagonist of the web creation. Episodes without Joe Budden (who was replaced by DJ Whoo Kid) would even get ‘thumb downed’ by the thousands.

Now on his own podcast, for the first time since his departure, Joe Budden is revealing all of his complications with Complex that lead to Everyday Struggle‘s downfall.

In the 40 minute dialogue Budden would name multiple things that he didn’t like about working with Complex including favoritism showed at the company. He would name Everyday Struggle‘s moderator, Nadeska Alexis, as one of those ‘favorites’. (Side Note) Now the daily tension between Nadeska and Joe on Everyday Struggle makes a lot of sense.

Check out the clip below to see what Joe Budden had to say in complete detail via Joe Budden Podcast: