Joe Budden Chases & Threatens To Kill Fans Who Run Up On His Car (Video)

JoeBuddenFanIt’s often that people tend to confuse social media with reality. Well, today two fans that ran up on Joe Budden learned that there’s a difference in picking at a celebrity online and running up on them in real life.

A video surfaced of two fans following Budden in his BWM with their camera phones out. As they approached the car as the New Jersey rapper pulled into his driveway, they got out and proceeded to taunt the artist stating, “This Joe Budden,” which lead to the fans being chased as Budden got out the car and stated, “Are you f*cking crazy?”

Budden would eventually catch up to the fans stating, “Come on my f*cking block again I’m going to kill one of you lil’ n*ggas.” Check out the video clips & tweets below: