Joe Budden Revealed He Could’ve Committed Suicide During 2014 Slaughterhouse Cypher

It was episode 167 of Complex NewsEveryday Struggle when the topic of artist crying out for help through music came up with Joe Budden & DJ Akademiks. The topic started with the Everyday Struggle crew speaking on Chris Brown’s new single Pills & Automobiles around the 21 minute mark of the episode.

Joe Budden would respond to the topic going into dialogue speaking on artist talking about suicide & drug use through their music. He would even bring up Lil Wayne’s verse on Solange’s Mad track where the Young Money CEO would rap, “When I attempted suicide I didn’t die I remember how mad I was that day.” Budden would continue the conversation bringing up the infamous 2014 Slaughter House Cypher when asked about his former drug usage by Akademiks. He would state, “My Slaughter House cypher verse on the Washington Bridge I was dealing with all the sh*t in the world and all they kept talking about was do a f*cking verse. I wasn’t going to do that verse at all. They was on my f*cking back, Royce (Da 5’9) had to call me and say well just rap about whatever you’re going through. I went on the bridge and rapped about how I didn’t want to do the verse.”

When speaking on doing the verse for the cypher on the bridge Budden would state, “I was in a very dark place and somehow the genius music people and production staff thought it would be a great idea to film this f*cking freestyle on the George Washington Bridge. Beautiful scenery it looked great, they really bodied that. I f*ck around would’ve jumped then everybody would’ve been shocked ‘we didn’t see this coming’. How? When I been telling you this sh*t for a f*cking month.”


Watch Joe Budden’s 2014 Slaughter House Cypher verse below:


  • Lenny

    that verse was intense after knowing the backstory