John Singleton Wanted To Include A Scene Of Tupac Being Raped In “All Eyez On Me” Biopic (Video)

The highly anticipated onscreen debut of Tupac’s life story All Eyez On Me is set to release on June 16th. Leading up to the release of the film it has been a lot of controversy and disputes going on behind the scenes. One of the more publicized disputes was between the producer of the All Eyez On Me film, LT Hutton, and the very popular movie director John Singleton. Singleton previously stated in an interview earlier this year that the movie was going to be “f*cked up” because he wasn’t involved. Though, LT Hutton & Benny Boom both appeared on The Breakfast Club and they broke down where the creative differences that lead to Singleton not being apart of the film.

In the interview Hutton detailed things that Singleton allegedly wanted to put in the movie that were very tasteless including a scene of Tupac being raped in jail, multiple sex scenes, & Tupac’s mother having a threesome. Check out the interview below and see what Hutton had to say about Singleton’s alleged ideas (talk about John Singleton starts around the 11 minute mark):