Juelz Santana Is Serious About His Return

Juelz Santana

Juelz Santana

He was on track to be one of the greats, unfortunately a lot happened that took him off the right path. He hasn’t had an album since 2005, and his last mixtape was panned. However, it seems that something has Juelz inspired as he announced a plan to make a comeback.

Maybe hearing His name on VIEWS  has something to do with it? As a Song play’s in the background of this behind the scenes photoshoot video with Felix Hatal Jr., You can hear the Quick Sample of his Drake Shoutout.

Juelz Santana says that he’s ready to drop new music.

“I’m gonna drop project after project,” he says. ” My main objective is just to get hot in these streets,” Juelz says. “I’m ready, it’s time to go.”

Can Juelz get hot again? Does he still have the potential? Will this generation care?