Should Kevin Durant Be Thanking Based God For His First Championship?

Is it coincidence that Kevin Durant has his masterpiece of a season with an MVP Finals title and win to his name the season after Lil B The Based God lifted his curse? Here at DatWAV, we think not.

After winning this season’s finals, KD was thanking quite a few notable names including Steph Curry, Steve Kerr, his mother, and more. Never once did KD attribute any of his success to Based God. His MVP speech could’ve been an acceptable time to give gratitude to Lil B. There is no doubt that if Based God wanted to keep the curse, the Dubs would not have won the championship. Kevin Durant is lucky that Golden State is the hometown basketball team of Lil B. Some say that was KDs only loophole out of the curse. One can only wonder…

James Harden recently had his curse lifted as well. Is his time next? Beard to the Cavs?

-Written By Buzz B-