Kevin Gates Is Expected To Be Getting Out Of Prison Next Week

Fans world wide are rejoicing due to the great news! Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates shall be arriving home and touching the streets once again just in a few days.

Gates was originally serving 5 months in a Florida prison after he was sentenced for kicking a woman in the chest in 2015 while on stage. The rapper explained his actions claiming she continually grabbed at his genitals while he was performing. The day he was suppose to be let out of prison, he was hit with an outstanding weapons warrant, which would cause him to receive a 30 month prison sentence, sending right back to prison.

Now according to TMZ Lindsey Hess of Illinois Department of Correction says Kevin Gates is scheduled to be released next Wednesday, after serving 9 months. Gates will be getting out on parole when released. His conditions include mandatory supervision and no possession of firearms.