Kevin Gates Speaks On Black Lives Matter, “White Boy Kill One Of Us Everybody Hollin & All That Stupid Ass Sh*t”

KevinGatesMuslimBaton Rouge artist, Kevin Gates, is definitely one of the more opinionated rappers in the game and is known to not bite his tongue under no circumstances.  Recently, Kevin Gates took to Instagram to speak on the Black Lives Matter movement & protesting that has been going on for the past week after the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile at the hands of police.

Gates would record a video of him self saying, “We kill each other, I’m talking about we lay up each other cars, lay behind each other houses. – The car pass by we wet the whole car up, boom boom bang bang, kill everybody in the car. – Then catch your homeboy he ran out the car then run him down, stood over him, hit him bout twenty times in the face, we kill each other. – But soon as a white boy kill one of us everybody go to hooping & hollering & all that old stupid ass sh*t.” Gates would conclude his statement by saying, “When you stand for something you got to stand for it all the way, not half way – And I said it before and I’ll say it again & f*ck who don’t like it, you know what’s worst than a n*gga? Another one. – ‘He should of let him live’ so we can kill him. – N*ggas hate on n*ggas, n*ggas steal from n*ggas, n*ggas kill n*ggas. – Come on man help yo brother don’t hurt yo brother. – F*ck you what you doing?”

Gates is obviously not too supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement & this wouldn’t be the first time he’s spoken out about the situation. Earlier this year around 5 months ago during an interview Gates would speak Black Lives Matter under the same circumstances that we’re dealing with now agreeing with Stacey Dash when she stated the country should get rid of BET & Black History Month. Gates would state in the interview, “Like Stacey Dash said there shouldn’t be no BET everybody should be American. – If she said that then I agree with that. – There’s only two type of people in life, real people & fake people – You got people talking about black lives matter, all lives matter.”

Gates also around the same time as the newly recorded Instagram video took the time to speak out on the Pokémon Go frenzy that is going on at the moment saying, “It was just World War 3 last week now yall playing Pokémon and you want me to leave my family for that.” Watch the clips below:

I only fear #Allah – this my last post – don’t hate on your so called brother – help your brother #President

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The world has gone mad –

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