Kevin McCall Revealed L.A. Goons Offered To Murder Chris Brown & His Child For $500

According to TMZ Watts, California rapper and songwriter, Kevin McCall, who was formerly signed to Chris Brown’s record label, suffered 3 broken toes and a fractured tibia after he was shot in the foot coming out of a convenience store in South Central LA. Shortly after the shooting he was taken to Centinela Hospital which is located in Inglewood, California.

Rumors would surface that ‘Chris Brown’s goons’ were the ones that did the shooting though, McCall would shoot down the suspicion with a tweet that would infuriate Brown’s fans. “Chris Brown and his seed would be in a casket if he had anything to do with me being shot. STOP playin with rumors or I can’t promise CB will make 29! I kept him alive for 7 years now in L.A. don’t take the humbleness u see in me as weakness Chris Brown wouldn’t have a head tattoo on.”

Many of Brown’s fans would take to Twitter to question McCall on why he would bring the singer’s child into the conversation. McCall would respond with a chilling tweet saying, “I know people who asked to kill them both for $500 ps he shot me… So keep trying to make this something it’s not and bad things will follow so you can choose to promote good or EVIL – now go do it lol.”

McCall would even go on to reveal that the person that shot him tried to do a hit on Brown and his daughter for $500 and he fought him for it.

The streets are wicked, be safe out here. See the tweets below: