Kidd Kidd’s Video & Lyrics Are Being Used By The Feds To Prosecute Gang


Kidd Kidd isn’t being charged with any crimes in the fed’s case against New Orleans street gang the 39ers.

 However his videos and lyrics are a big part of the Fed’s indictment of ten gang members on charges of murder and racketeering steaming from their role in the heroin trade.

Prosecutors are using  Kidd Kidd and New Orleans rapper Qp’s video G.T.O. which features 39ers to identify gang members. In the visuals, Kidd is seen putting his arm around former gang member Gregory “Rabbit” Stewart, who is cooperating with the Feds.

They are also using the video as proof the 39ers were an organized criminal enterprise.

“It was good for his career to associate with known gangster and good for them to have their name shout[ed] out and rubbed in the faces of rival gangs,” says U.S. Attorney Myles Ranier said of Kidd Kidd. “I have to prove this organization existed. To me, the fact it’s called out in a song that I can hear on my way home from work is proof that the organization existed.”