Kodak Black Released From Jail After Serving 7 Months Behind Bars

Florida rapper Kodak Black, birth name Bill K. Kapri, was released from jail after serving 7 months behind bars.

Kodak would be released back into the free world from Broward County Jail early Saturday morning. The rapper was serving time stemming from a January arrest after committing two probation violations. Kodak was originally facing 12 years in prison although, he would have some fortunate luck and 5 of 7 charges against him were dropped. He was scheduled to be released October 2018 before the judge cut his sentence even shorter which is why he would get out in August.

While behind bars Kodak Black received his GED and is now looking to get a fresh start at success and fame. Welcome home Kodak Black.

After serving 7 months #KodakBlack has been released from jail 🙏🏿

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