Tupac’s Last Words Before Dying Were “F*ck You!” To A Police Officer (Video)

Vlad TV has released various videos within the past week interviewing several people with ties to the late great rapper Tupac Shakur. The most recent interview released earlier today was with Chris Carroll, the first Vegas officer to appear on the scene the night that Tupac was shot dead.

In the nearly hour long interview Carroll explained arriving on the scene of the aftermath of the shooting. The officer would describe the scene as chaos with a bloody Shakur falling out of the BMW he was shot in, people running & screaming, and Suge Knight gushing blood out of his head. Carroll said when encountering with Shakur he would ignore him for the most part when trying to communicate though he would try to cry out to Knight. Pac would try to get his breathing together when asked, “What happened? Who did this? Who shot you?” by the officer. Carroll stated before slipping out of consciousness Pac would take a deep breathe and utter out, “F*ck you!”

Check out the entire interview with Chris Carroll below:

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