Lil B Agrees To Break The Curse Upon Kevin Durant Under One Stipulation


Lil B The Based God has agreed to lift his curse on NBA Super Star Kevin Durant on one condition, he goes to the “Big Apple” to join alongside fellow NBA elites Carmelo Anthony, Krystaps Porzingis, and newly signed Derrick Rose.

After hearing the news about NY Knicks’ president Phil Jackson’s pursuit for KD, Lil B quickly showed his Support for this move with the following tweet : “let’s Go New York I support this” & with the 2nd “If KD goes to the New York Knicks I am willing to lift the curse’ wow!! “The BasedGod” just told me to say this!!! Wow!!” IMG_4449


This actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea considering league sources say Kevin Durant
told friends that he’s a big fan of Kristaps Porzingis whom KD nicknamed the “Unicorn”. Not to mention he’s great friends with Knicks’ Allstar forward Carmelo Anthony.

We’ll See What happens though there’s also a list of high profiled teams in contention for Kevin Durant such as :
1.Golden State Warriors (who just came off of 2 NBA finals appearance’s & a championship)
2.The Spurs
3.La Lakers
4.OKC which is still highly an option

Incase you’ve missed out on how this saga came to be, it dates back to Jan. 11th, 2011 when Durant tweeted: “I tried to listen to Lil B and my Mind wouldn’t allow me to do it… Can’t believe this guy is relivent.”


Lil B would respond back with: ” Kevin Durant will never win the NBA title after he said Lil B is a wack rapper.” At that moment is when the curse was set.



Since then Kevin Durant been on a lil bit of a rough patch. In 2012 he led the Thunder’s to the finals to be outmatched by the super team of Lebrons’ Miami heat in 5 Games. Then in 2013 the Thunder’s Won 60 Games to become the top seed in the west but tragedy struck when Russell Westbrook went down to injury in the opening round of the playoffs against the rockets in which they barely got passed but were then stopped by the Grizzlies in 5.

Fast Forward to 2015 KD Missed 55 Games due to injury and 2016 Thunder’s collapsed to The Warriors after having a 3-1 Lead in the Western Conference finals.


Will the Curse finally be lifted? The ball is in your court Mr. Durant. (SN: That game of 21 is still a option.)