Lil B The Based God Calls Out Gucci Mane & Others For ‘Stealing’ Based Culture


Lil B has partook in quite a few Twitter rants within the past few days, speaking on a multitude of subjects including the human race, racial differences, and autocorrect just to name a few.

Now in the Based God’s most recent rant he’s taking aim at multiple rappers, Atlanta’s 1017 Records CEO Gucci Mane in particular.

Lil B would take to Twitter to tweet, “Lil B is the reason why Gucci Mane is positive!!! Nobody in hip hop was cool and positive but Lil B! I’m original “The BasedGod” – Lil B” He would continue tweeting saying, “6 God trap god ugly god ski mask the slump god we all no that was inspired by “The BasedGod” the original! No lil b no culture! – Lil B”

Lil B would give a shout out to ILoveMakonnen saying that the Atlanta born rapper was the only person who wasn’t scared to embrace him in public. He would conclude by stating, “Lil B the only rapper who doesn’t rap like the Migos or sound like Future in 2017!! He is truly an original!!! – Lil B”

What do you think about Lil B’s rant? Do you agree with what he’s saying about the influence on Hip-Hop culture?