Lil B Says Men Are Thick, He No Longer Wants ‘Booty’ From Females, & He Wants To Get Pregnant

When it comes to saying random, off-the-wall, suspect things; it is safe to say Lil B is king. Things the Bay Area born rapper tweets needs to be taken with a grain of salt being that he’s a known troll but some statements he’s tweeted lately has even die hard fans looking at him with the side eye.

The cluster of tweets would start with Lil B randomly tweeting that Old Town Road rapper Lil Nas X was ‘thick’. He would go on to state, “If I could get pregnant and have a kid myself thats def an option. Ima keep it real other than that Lil B most likely going to be one of one.” He would go on to explain that fans that it has been over a year since he’s had some feminine booty. He would claim he doesn’t want any more ‘booty’ from a woman and he would put his time and effort into getting himself pregnant.

His next tweet would state, “You can look at my last video and tell I aint got no booty in hella long and its been healthy for me seriously. Alot of these chicks is like dudes from the hood they just wear a whole lotta paint. No lie these dudes out here thick to and Ima have my way period – Lil B.” He would end his rant with, “You dudes is thick just like these females you need to pay attention period – Lil B.”

Check out the tweets below: