Lil Bibby Wouldn’t Snitch Even If He Witnessed Somebody Kill His Mother (Video)

LilBibbypicIn a recently released interview with VladTV Lil Bibby was asked by DJ Vlad where he stands on the subject of snitching. Lil Bibby responded to the question by saying, “It’s a lot of people telling – It be the tough people and the leaders who be telling – I guess because they feel like I’m so & so, I’m tough, I’m this guy, who the f*ck gone do something to me.”

Vlad would continue to question Bibby on the subject, bringing up the infamous Paid In Full story involving former drug dealer, Azie Faison, where he and and 5 others were shot during a drug related robbery. Faison would go on to cooperate with the police to put the criminal who committed the shooting away. When asked by Vlad if Bibby considered the situation snitching he would respond by stating, “Anything you do with them people (the police) is snitching man – you don’t talk to a police, you don’t cooperate with them – I don’t care if somebody shot yo mama I ain’t calling no police, I ain’t talking with them, I don’t know nothing.” Vlad would continue to question Lil Bibby’s stance on the subject by saying, “So you mean to tell me that if I walked up to your mother right in front of you and shot her in the face and left the country, you wouldn’t call the police?” Bibby would state, “Hell nah, where yo mama stay at?”

Watch the entire interview below to hear more on Bibby’s stance on snitching: